Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Blabbelon is a free service that helps people gather and communicate using high definition VoIP protocols that provide extremely high voice quality, far better than a regular telephone.

Blabbelon network makes it easy to connect with your friends and even easier to just hang out. Blabbelon uses push-to-talk, which means that people take turns speaking by pressing the big 'Talk' button on the screen. You can talk to 10's, 100's, and even 1000's of users simultaneously, so you can be on Blabbelon with your many friends, family and professional contacts either one-on-one, or in groups - just the way you want it for as long as you want.

You can build your own network of contacts, create your own connections or join those of other users. Blabbelon's not just voice chat, . we also offer instant messaging, media sharing, a full text and voice message service and much more on a number of different platforms, so you'll never be out of touch again.

Blabbelon is free to all users and has clients for

so you can even use the service without downloading and installing any software, if you prefer. Remember, you are not restricted to any one client. You can log into any client at any time with your account.

It's so much easier than a conference service. Just invite any number of friends to a chat and start talking, texting and sharing. Once you're logged in, communicate with your contacts from anywhere.

Blabbelon is ideal for video game enthusiasts, but also has tools that let the individual user talk with friends, relatives and business contacts in real-life.

What's great about Blabbelon is that you never have to "hang up" can just keep Blabbelon running. All you ever have to do is push the button and say "hello". You can even set hotkeys, so you don't have to press the on-screen button to talk and they'll work even when Blabbelon is in the background.

The desktop clients also have a transparent overlay mode to allow you to see the interface, but not take up to much of your screen. In addition, you can pop out the chat window, which you can customize to fade in and out so it's only there when you need it!

The latest version of Blabbelon has many new features and a lot more functionality.

  • You can now sign up directly from any client and get started quicker than ever.
  • There are now more ways to add servers and channels. You can either configure your own, use keys, search for public servers using the directory or be invited by other users.
  • Your connections can now be password protected for addition layer of security.
  • The New 'User Manager' allows you to easily control access and permissions of people who use your servers and channels.
  • Finding friends to expand your network is simpler than ever. Just search the directory to find people you know.
  • Change the key to any of your connections with one click.
  • Upload and share media. Take screenshots of any area of the screen and post them directly to the chat.
  • Link your Blabbleon and Twitter accounts so you can Tweet your experiences, get more friends and invite people to any chat by including the connection's key.
  • The text chat is more advanced than ever with a built in media viewer, to view post and tweet images and links posted by anyone.
  • Version 3 also sees an upgrade to the messaging service. We now offer voice messaging and a 'Request Password' service, where we'll contact the server owner on your behalf.
Get Connected. Stay Connected.